Our process transforms
a good house into a great home.




Tried and true engineering principles coupled with unrivaled craftsmanship; that’s what you can expect from a new BrookWood home.

Our unique team has been assembled specifically to make sure the home building process is easy from start to finish. Starting with the home plan, our architects can design a home that meets your needs, or we can utilize yours. Our engineers will review your plans and develop the structural drawings necessary to make sure your family is safe.

Additionally, BrookWood’s interior designer can work with you to provide guidance on everything from selecting wall colors to designing a dream kitchen to selecting light fixtures to really complete your interior design. As a BrookWood customer, you choose the level of our involvement to make your life easier through every point of the process.



Expanding your home can be an overwhelming process that raises a lot of questions.

  • What is the best design for our needs?
  • Will it fit on our lot?
  • What about my homeowner’s association?
  • How will it affect the structural integrity of my home?
  • Can I afford it?

At BrookWood Homes LLC, we work to anticipate and solve these problems as they arise during the planning phase and throughout the process. We have a team of designers dedicated to work with you and develop the best plan for your family’s needs and insure that it meets all requirements for your county, state and homeowner’s association. We will provide engineering support to maintain the integrity of your home and keep the costs within your budget.

For years, BrookWood has helped families just like yours add new bedrooms, family rooms and kitchens, as well as exterior living spaces like pools and verandas.




From Old to New, BrookWood can make your existing house into your Dream Home.

Whether remodeling a room or your whole home, the BrookWood team can provide unexcelled service and quality.

Starting with the design, BrookWood’s engineers and interior designers work with the homeowner to develop a unique floor plan that will meet the family’s needs.

Once the design is finalized, BrookWood’s project management team insures that the work will be done quickly while maintaining our attention to details so that the disruption to you is kept to a minimum.

Contact BrookWood Homes LLC today and see how we can help redefine your existing house into your dream home.

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From concept to completion, we are committed to excellence at every step of the process.